The USS Markab has been added to the VA's list of ships operating in Viet Nam.
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Agent Orange/Blue Water Navy Bill Introduced

Rep. Chris Gibson (N.Y.) has introduced the "Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act" (H.R. 969), which would clarify a presumption for filing disability claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for ailments associated with exposure to Agent Orange herbicide during the Vietnam War. The bill was introduced with 131 original co-sponsors. Congress should recognize that so-called "Blue Water" veterans who served off the coast of Vietnam were exposed to Agent Orange herbicide. This bill authorizes presumptive status for VA disability claims associated with Agent Orange exposure for this group of veterans. Shipmates are urged to use the Action Center action.fra.org/action-center to ask their Representative to support the "Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act."
Members Attending
Lellwyn Lackey
Edward(Marie) Slaney
   (Viet Nam)
Paul(Sharon) Beyer
   (Viet Nam)
Bill Hanzel
   (Viet Nam)

2015 USS Markab Reunion
Mobile, Alabama

USS Alabama

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Veteran’s Day Essay
By: Emma Wolfe

Do you ever wonder who the bravest people are? Do you ever wonder if there are actual superheroes? The answer is the VETERANS, of course! But…what is a veteran? A veteran is a man or woman who once served in the Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard or the Army. What did veterans do for us?

Veterans stood up for their families, friends and even people they’ve never met face-to-face. They suffered losses of other veteran’s, they gave up time with their families. Yet they fought for their home, their biggest family, the United States of America.

Veterans are a part of who we are. There are 300,000 homeless veterans, and 1.4 million are at risk. One veteran passes every two hours, we can’t have that happen. We have to repay the favor for the people who fought for us. We’re letting our heroes down, let’s bring them back up. NOW. Thank our veterans and help one in need. Contact a trustworthy website to lend a helping hand. Thank you for our freedom, veterans!

(Emma is the granddaughter of my friend. She is 10 years old and attends Summit Elementary School in Aurora Colorado. Webmaster)

Essay:"I was a Sailor once"